About is more or less online since 2001, when I decided to start a weblog. At this time the term blogging was not common yet and weblog software was rare. I found one with antville, wrote down some personal thoughts and enjoyed the popularity the website got. In 2006, after 1540 days with antville, I said goodbye and started a on my own server. Seizing the day I designed a clean and minimalistic layout and integrated it with the wordpress software.

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During the years I got some skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, server administration, WiFi, digital layout and photography. I managed some social, scientific and business projects which were listed at (in various layouts). Times were changing in 2007 and since then this website is kept as my private amusement which it is until now.

You can stalk me online at some social media sites:

You can also write me an e-mail using raspunicum(a)gmail(d)com should you feel the need to do so. Within an e-mail you could ask for my postal adress, or you query the domain name at DENIC.