projects i was involved



to learn using adobe illustrator and its pdf capabilities i created this conception for potential sponsors of the next “markt der kulturen” in pirna (210 x 297 mm, 4 colours); setting copy (PDF, 735 KB)


website, graphics and e-mails for the summer festival: after great success in 2005, the event took place in 2006 again (redesign of the website, implementation of some social contribution features, mailserver with webinterface and POP/IMAP/SSL access); co-operation with; visit (domain owner changed in the meantime)

hanno pirna

content management for the youth center: the website was completely redesigned in the beginning of 2006 (database design, backend code in PHP, backend layout); co-operation with; visit

mutabor concert

flyer and ticket for the event: the german band mutabor concerted in pirna while beeing on their last tour in 2006 (two-sided flyer (120 x 120 mm, 4 colours), ticket (100 x 40 mm, 4 colours + silver))


an object and its texture: i had to make this documentation for scholastics in 2006 (analysis of the object, photography, printdesign including CAD re-enacting of the device); setting copy (PDF, 675 KB)

Flip book:


website and content management for the summer festival: in 2005 an alternate summer festival took place in pirna (translation of the layout into HTML and CSS, database design, coding of a guestbook in PHP, implementation of the cms features); co-operation with; visit (domain owner changed in the meantime)

dr. jork

website and content management for the medical doctor: the doctor’s surgery in radebeul is sepecialized in general medicine and occupational health (design of a sober layout, translation into HTML and CSS, coding of a simple update feature); visit (changed in the meantime)


website and content management for the lyrics database: sturmgeweiht is a heavyset and well groomed database of "dark" lyrics - the first and solely (translation of the layout into HTML and CSS, database design, implementation of the frontend features in PHP, coding of a customized backend); co-operation with; visit

drk sebnitz

website, content management, system administration and training: the german red cross in sebnitz carries many social institutions. 2004 to 2007 i attended their work as freelancer. (website and CMS with HTML, CSS, MySQL and PHP, content management, system administration of the office network, staff training (office applications, internet, content management for the website), security consulting)

aktion zivilcourage

transferring the website to a new content management system: aktion zivilcourage is an association in pirna that gapples with different projects pro tolerance, respect and democracy in the rural district saxon switzerland (collaboration in transferring the website to the cms 4flex (4koepfe), collaboration in content management); visit

netzwerk sachsen

redesign for the website: the association “Netzwerk Sachsen - gegen Rechtsextremismus, Gewalt und Fremdenfeindlichkeit (NWS)” executed democracy projects in schools and youth centres. (redesign of the website, re-engineering of the content); visit (domain owner changed in the meantime)

kirchenbezirk pirna

redesign for the website of kirchenbezirk pirna: the church canton pirna covers concisely 60 protestant parishes in the rural district saxon switzerland. by the end of 2004 the layout was redesigned to show textual connections with other clerical institutions graphically, too. (redesign of the old layout, translation of the new layout into HTML and CSS, integration into the CMS tebolution); co-operation with; visit (layout changed in the meantime)