Scientific articles and research on hitchhiking

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Author Year Title Published in/at Language Online available
Julian A. Compagni Portis 2015 Thumbs Down: America and the Decline of Hitchhiking Wesleyan University EN yes
Mewes, M 2016 Riding With Strangers, An Ethnographic Inquiry into Contemporary Practices of European Hitchhikers University of Hamburg EN yes
Jahns, W 2016 Und so weiter und so fort – Eine Ausstellung über das Trampen und die Sehnsucht nach Leben Hochschule Mannheim DE yes
Chesters, G, Smith, D 2001 The Neglected Art of Hitch-hiking: Risk, Trust and Sustainability Sociological Research Online 6/3 EN yes
Clifford, MM, Cleary, P 1971 The Odds in Hitchhiking University of Iowa/University of Wisconsin EN yes
Connecticut Legislative Committee 1975 Report of the “Committee To Study The Solicitation Of Rides On Motor Vehicles” Connecticut EN no
Crassweller, P et al. 1972 An Experimental Investigation of Hitchhiking The Journal of Psychology 82, pp. 43-47 EN yes
Dallmeyer, KD et al. 1975 Hitchhiking: a viable addition to a multimodal transportation system? Center for Urban Transportation Studies, University of Colorado at Denver EN no
Delannoy, R 2011 Liften en liftgevers. Een exploratief onderzoek naar vertrouwen tussen onbekenden Universiteit Gent NL yes
DiMaggio, P 1971 Sociability and the Hitchhiker; unpublished honours thesis Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania EN no
Fiedler, J et al. 1989 Anhalterwesen und Anhaltergefahren: unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des “Kurztrampens” BKA-Forschungsreihe Sonderband, Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden DE yes
Franzoi, S 1985 Personality Characteristics of the Cross Country Hitchhiker Adolescence 20, pp. 655-668 EN yes
Garner, A 2008 Risk and reward: the (lost?) art of hitchhiking University of Melbourne EN no
Garner, A 2008 Time & The Hitcher University of Melbourne EN no
Guéguen, N 2007 Bust Size and Hitchhiking: A Field Study Perceptual and Motor Skills, 105, 1294-1298. (doi: 10.2466/pms.105.4.1294-1298) EN yes
Guéguen, N 2010 Color and Women Hitchhikers’ Attractiveness: Gentlemen Drivers Prefer Red Col Res Appl, 37, 76 – 78, 2012; DOI 10.1002/col.20651 EN yes
Grundstad, R 1982 Anti-hitchhiking Laws Legislative Research, Legislative Administration Committee, Salem, Oregon EN no
James, BH 1966 Helping and Hitchhiking Northwestern University EN no
Johnson, RW, Johnson, JH 1978 A Cross-Validation Of The SN Scale On The Psychological Screening Inventory With Female Hitchhikers University of Wisconsin/University of Utah EN no
Kath, C 2014 Das Trampen - eine soziale Praxis zwischen Individualtourismus und Lebensstil Augsburg University DE yes
Keck-Szabel, M. 2011 A cheap imitation, or tourist innovation? Polish tourism during state socialism through eastern and western eyes University of California EN yes
Mahood, L. 2014 Hitchin’ a Ride in the 1970s: Canadian Youth Culture and the Romance with Mobility Histoire sociale / Social History, University of Ottowa EN yes
Morgan, CJ et al. 1975 Hitchhiking: Social signals at a distance Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, University of Washington, Seattle EN no
Mukerji, C 1978 Bullshitting: Road Lore among Hitchhikers University of California EN yes
Müller, A 2013 Trampen als soziale Praxis. Zwischen Individualtourismus und Konsumkritik Universität Wien DE yes
O'Regan, M 2012 Alternative Mobility Cultures and the Resurgence of Hitchhiking In: Fullagar, S et al., 2012; "Slow tourism: experiences and mobilities", pp. 128-142 EN yes
O'Regan, M 2013 Independent Travel: Creative Tactics in the Margins e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR), Vol. 10, No. 5/6 EN yes
Packer, J. 2008 Hitching the highway to hell: Media Hysterics and the Politics of Youth Mobility. In: Packer, J, 2008: Mobility without mayem. Duke University Press EN yes
Pomazal, RJ, Clore, GL 1973 Helping on the Highway: The Effects of Dependency and Sex Journal of Applied Social Psychology 3, pp.150-164 EN yes (paid)
Pudinski, W 1974 California Crimes and Accidents Associated with Hitch-hiking California Highway Patrol, Operational Analysis Section EN yes
Purkis, J 2012 The Hitchhiker as Theorist: Rethinking Sociology and Anthropology from an Anarchist Perspective In: Kinna, R, 2012; "The continuum companion to anarchism", New York EN yes
Rinvolucri, M 1974 Hitch-hiking, or here on hitchwiki self published, London EN yes
Schlebecker, JT 1958 An Informal History of Hitchhiking The Historian 20, pp.305-327 EN no
Schmauks, D 2003 Nonverbal Interaction between Hitchhikers and Drivers / Nonverbale Interaktion zwischen Trampern und Autofahrern Semiotica 147, 1/4, pp.209-218 / psychosozial 94, pp.119-127 EN / DE yes
Snyder, M et al. 1974 Staring and Compliance: A Field Experiment on Hitchhiking Journal of Applied Social Psychology, University of Minnesota EN no
Tobin, N, Sexton, S 1972 Attitudes toward and the effects of physical variables on hitchhiking; unpublished masters thesis California State University, San Jose EN no
Trescher, U, König, H 1987 Trampen: bekannt – unbekannt – verkannt. Eine umweltplanerische Untersuchung. Projektarbeit am Institut für Landesplanung und Raumforschung, Hannover DE no
Viard, S 1999 Auto-stop. Approche géographique Université de Paris, Nanterre FR yes
Wechner, B 2001 A Dearth of Research: Does anyone really know anything about hitch-hiking? self published online EN yes
Wechner, B 2003 Experiments in Hitch-hiking: What works best? self published online EN yes
Vivienne Plumb 2012 Hitchhiking: the travelling female body University of Wollongong EN yes
Timo Riekko 2008 Maantieltä verkkoon: liftaus ja sen uudet muodot 2000-luvulla University of Jyväskylä FI no